GATE DA 2025: Aptitude Test Series

GATE DA 2025: Aptitude Test Series

Boost your aptitude skills for GATE DA 2025!

Instructor: Piyush Wairale

About the course


Prepare for the GATE DA 2025 Aptitude Test with this comprehensive test series. This course will help you improve your aptitude skills and increase your chances of success in the GATE DA exam. The test series covers all important topics, provides detailed solutions, and offers extensive practice questions to enhance your problem-solving abilities.

Key Highlights:

  • Comprehensive test series for GATE DA 2025
  • Covers all important aptitude topics
  • Detailed solutions provided for each question
  • Extensive practice questions for better preparation

What you will learn:

  • Enhance Aptitude Skills
    Improve your aptitude skills through comprehensive practice tests
  • Topic-wise Coverage
    Cover all important aptitude topics required for GATE DA 2025
  • Detailed Solutions
    Get in-depth solutions for each question to understand the concepts better
  • Extensive Practice Questions
    Practice a wide range of questions to boost problem-solving abilities


Reviews and Testimonials

Piyush Wairale

GATE DA Instructor

Piyush Wairale is the course instructor for the BS Data Science Degree program at IIT Madras. He is a proud alumnus of IIT Madras. Piyush has over 3 years of online teaching experience and has mentored around 10,000 students. He is also an educator at Microsoft Learn and has conducted various workshops on the NPTEL+ platform. Currently, he is dedicated to mentoring and teaching for the GATE Data Science exam."
Piyush Wairale IITM
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